I have been making natural skincare products since 2004, when I got tired of buying bodycare products with harsh chemical ingredients for my family and I.

My inspiration was sparked when I found one of my mother's soap recipes. This encouraged me to create recipes for a variety of different products. By 2007, I began selling to locals.

Fast forward over the years, where my dream became a reality when I purchased my own rural property in 2017, and South Bridge Farm was born.

My goal is to make the best products, by using simple and natural ingredients, and also from growing or harvesting my own herbs or flowers, while using raw wildflower honey and beeswax from my beehives in my back yard.

As a home business, my goal is about quality first. Where each product is carefully handcrafted, and tested with utmost care, to create something that is good, and safe for all ages, and also for the environment. So for those of you, who have purchased my products, I thank you for your support.

Thank you. Merci beaucoup.

Lucie Mercier

The bees.

My father was a beekeeper when I was just a little girl. And even though I was too young to help out, I was still fascinated with honey bees. I remember how I used to observe them on wild dandelions in our back yard, with my nose up close to them, as they foraged from one flower to the next.

This interest stayed with me all my life, and I somehow knew that one day, I would have bees of my own.

When I purchased my farm, I was able to purchase a hive, and my journey as a small beekeeper began. Today, my bees forage on the 137 acre parcel of land, that is abundant with various wildflowers.

The animals.

What can I say? I love animals!

Presently, my life is shared with an abundance of wildlife, a black lab named Jack. Three cats, Kit, Molly and Copper. Along with a handfull of laying hens and a rooster who thinks he's all that and then some...

My happy place.

Each day is a gift and a blessing for me, and the place I call home. Since buying the farm, I have been busy making changes and turning it into that special getaway, in hopes of creating something that I will love and enjoy for myself, my family and friends, and for my business.